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What is Online Marketing

It does not matter if you are a performer, a car sales man, a hairdresser or a service provider. Online Marketing is your number one way to promote your products, services and business.

There are literally hundreds of methods of promotion, some free and some paid, you can promote from your own website and use social media and search engines to get people to your website or you can simply use other peoples websites to promote your products and services.

If you sell tangible goods then you can open up an ebay account and an Amazon account and start selling almost instantly just by listing your products.  This is the fastest and easiest way to get selling because these websites already have the traffic. Starting your own website is a little bit harder for many reasons.

If you put your products onto ebay and Amazon you may use social media marketing to promote the products even more and you can also use paid advertising ideally from google adwords. 

With google adwords you simply open an account and then setup an advert that links to your product and set it to show up in google when people search for keywords related to your product. You will have to pay every time that someone clicks to your sales page so choose keywords that include the word BUY to maximize conversions to sales.

If you have a business that provides services and does not sell products then you can promote your business online from your own website and also via social media. It is best to have a simple website setup that targets the keywords related to your business and if your business is local then you should also include the keywords related to the area.

Here is how to create a free website

Once your website is setup you can again use google adwords to send traffic to your site, you can use Facebook ads and you can also create a facebook page that promotes your website.

Twitter is also a useful tool here. The more times your website gets featured on Facebook and twitter or any other social media, the higher it will come up in search engines on organic free searches and this will also generate traffic to your site.

Online marketing is a simple principal that can become as complicated as you wish. The basic principal is to have a webpage somewhere online that will either sell your product or get people to call for an appointment, and then get people to visit that page. This will result in sales and leads.

Our website is dedicated to telling you every way possible of doing this. Thanks for visiting and please check out our other posts to get more detail about specific methods. The more methods you use, the more sales you make.


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