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Step By Step Learn About Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is the 3rd step  in any successful marketing campaign after sales page creation and traffic  generation.

Once you have created your sales page and started to send traffic to the page it is then essential to perform conversions optimization, you need to make maximum money from the traffic you get. Increasing conversions before you increase traffic is a sure fire way to maximize your profits.

First increase conversions and then increase your traffic flow.  You can increase conversions in many ways, using proven layouts and sales copy is the best way but if you do not yet have a proven layout or sales copy then A B split testing is the only way to get data.

Trying different versions of your sales page and tracking results, this will ensure that  you get maximum profit per visitor to your site.

What Is The Conversion Optimization In SEO?

The traffic source is also very important, in search engines your targeted keywords are directly related to the conversions that you get and it’s very important to target the right keywords.

There are an unlimited number of traffic sources online and some are better for some services, others are better for other services. It is essential to work out what traffic is best for you and which page is best for the traffic.

Once you have optimized your conversions to anything over 4% it’s time to turn up the traffic generation.

If you have a campaign budget then the fastest way to setup an optimization campaign is to use ppc traffic. The best form of ppc traffic is from google adwords and they also have great conversions tracking data. Conversion Optimization not to mention that with google adwords you can target very tight profitable keywords and adjust your click price according to the conversions that you are getting.

Landing Page Optimization:

Always start off slow with ppc campaigns and allow atleast 200 clicks per keyword and per sales page version. If you are marketing big ticket products with big profit margins then you will have a lot easier time perfecting your campaign, marketing smaller ticket items with less than $100 profit per sale will put you in the difficult position of running the risk of big losses with very little chance of making big profits.

As a novice to PPC never promote products that do not have the potential to make you more has $100 per sale. you will need big profit margins to minimize initial investments in testing. I hope you understand Conversion Optimization.


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