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Social Media Engagement Optimization – Facebook Marketing

In order to gain maximum engagement on your Facebook posts you will have to handle your account or your page perfectly. You can not do one great post and 5 bad ones and still expect to get interaction on your good post.

Facebook works is such a way that success leads to more success and failure leads to more failure. If all of your posts get reasonable engagement then your latest posts will be shown to more people who usually like your content, giving you a head start.  Though if you usually get little response them Facebook will not deliver your content to many of your followers.

Why Social Media Engagement Optimization Important?:

You need to fet this right from the start, posting great content and tagging people in it will get some response from the start. The more response you get, to more exposure you get. There for you need to get likes and comments. The easiest way to do this is actually just to ask people to do it. See how your audience intersects with your content.

There are lots of viral posts that you can make. Usually the best ones are the kind of image maths question posts. People just love to show how intelligent they are and lots of people will comment the answer.

If you include a part of the post to say “share if you got this right” then you will also get more shares. ¬†The more comments you get, the more delivery you get to your own followers. The more shares you get, the more exposure you get to other people’s followers.

When you have a few of these posts under your belt with great interaction, Facebook will then them automatically start to deliver your new content to more of your followers. But you need to make sure that you always post great content. Otherwise your advantage will be lost.

With facebook success breeds success, to take every post seriously and do your best to get interaction. Then you will be building trust and gaining more exposure every day.


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