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How To Make Money Online From Scratch

The most profitable way to make money online from scratch is to use your own talent, sell something that you can do yourself. Everyone has hidden talents and there is always something that you know or know how to do that others don’t.

I’m going to go into 2 methods here and the first one that I will mention is the easiest.  This is about you doing things for other people that they need and you can achieve. First I will tell you the options and then i will tell you how to get the sales.

Here are a 3 examples.

  1. Article writing. People will pay you good money to write articles for them, you can research online and create 400 word articles for people to post on their websites. You get the order for tge article, research a little and write the article for tge client.
  2. Video testimonials.  There is a huge demand for video testimonials, the client will give you a script, you read the script in a natural way in front of the camera and sell the video to the client.
  3. Banner designs.  If you have any experience with image creation software people will pay you to create banners for them. You use software for free and to create high quality banners for free and sell them to your  clients on demand.

If you can do any of these 3 things then all you need to do to make money is to go to and create gigs for your services. It may take fiverr a little while to feature your services but you can share your gigs in social media to get your initial sales.

My first success on fiverr was selling facebook group members. I worked out how to add members to a facebook group. I then checked all other gigs prices and delivery amounts, after that i created a gig with a higher delivery amount than anyone else.  After 2 months I was the biggest fiverr seller of facebook group members ever. Only made me about $60 – $80 per day but it was a great start.

The second way to make money online from scratch.

Again you will need to use a unique knowledge thst you have. Think about what you do, About what you know, your hobbies.  The easiest way to explain this is by giving you an example.

In 2010 I decided to try my hand at internet marketing. I had no special skills at all that i could sell apart from the fact that  I love fishing.  Who cares that i love fishing? No one, but I was very good at a certain type of fishing in a certain country.

I proceeded to write an ebook about how to catch fish in Cyprus. My target was people from UK.  So I called the ebook. The English mans guide to sea fishing in Cyprus.

I spent 6 days composing the ebook. 18 hours a day. I included absolutely everything that I knew and laid it out in a species by species format. I created an ecover and there was my product.

Next I opened a PayPal account and created a simple webpage on  Only 2 pages. 1 was sales page the other was download page.

I put a PayPal button on the sales page after a short sales copy explaining about the book. And redirected the after sales checkout to the Thank you download page.

So that was the product, sales system and payment processor all completed within only 7 days all for free.

Then i needed traffic. So i went to British ex pats forums based in Cyprus. Joined them and simply posted my link with a brief description.

I started making sales within the first few hours. Now my target niche was very small and only about 100 copies wore sold. So after the sales stopped I then took the pages of the book and put the onto a website. The website is 7 years old now. It has adsense on it and continues to make money to this day.

The websites called and has never cost me a penny to this day.

I hope this info is helpful for You, I know that  if you implement just one of these methods you will start to make money online.


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