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How To Make Money With Facebook Groups

Making money from Advertising with your own Facebook groups is very possible and in fact not that hard to do. I have 6 Facebook groups all generating monthly income from advertising space. I will now explain how.

What Facebook Groups Generate Traffic

There are several different types of Facebook groups that will make generate traffic though the best type for long term traffic generation is the one that I am about to share with you.

The type of group is the Local For Sale Group.

This kind of group is a place where local people can come to advertise the things that they want to buy or sell. Buy – Sell – Wanted.

The idea with this group is to create it with a name that`s very relevant to its purpose. For instance….


The first 3 words make it very obvious what the group is about and the town name makes it very obvious who the group is to be used by. The reason for using these words is that when people search on Facebook for these kind of things `They DO!! when they want to buy or sell` They will find your group and ask to join.

The traffic that you generate from this group will be explained a little further on down the page.

How To Setup Your Group

To create a Facebook group…

  1. From your home page, go to the Groups section on the left side menu and click Create Group.
  2. Click + Create New Group at the top of the page. A window will appear, where you’ll be able to add a group name, add members and select the privacy settings for your group – Select Public Group.
  3. Click Create when you’re done.

Once your group is created its time to st it up ready for adding members. This is to be a buy and sell group and you want to get the buy and sell features activated. To do this simply go to your groups Facebook address eg Then add /edit to the end of the url to get to the correct page like this..

You can also get to that page by clicking the 3 dots button at the bottom right of the main header and selecting `Edit Group Settings` from the menu,

The menu that you are presented with should be set as follows.

  1. Group Name – The Name is already set by this point
  2. Group Type – Buy Sell Trade
  3. Privacy – Public
  4. Membership Approval – Any member can add members, but an admin must approve them.
  5. Web and Email Address – Change this once you have 100 members
  6. Description – A few words that include the keywords `For Sale – Your Town – Buy – Sell – Swap`
  7. Tags – type in your town name and select the most popular words that appear in the options
  8. Posting Permissions – Members and admins can post to the group.
  9. Post Approval – All posts must be approved by an admin.

That is your group settings sorted. Now simply find an image on the internet that is very closely related to your town and everyone will recognize and then set it as the header image of the group.

Your group is now ready to go.

Get Members Into Your Group

You now need some members for your group because small groups are very hard to get off of the ground due to a small number of people not being worth spending your time posting to meaning that the join rate is very low and the amount of posts will be very low.

So you need to get your members count up very quickly now, You need the number of members to look big so that anyone thinking of joining will see value in the group by seeing a potential to get seen by many when they post.

The fastest and easiest way to do this is to Buy Facebook Group Members. The members that you get will not be from your own town and will not buy or sell anything. Though they will like and share making the group seem more active from the off.

Once you have lots of members in your group its time to get local members. You need to add all of your Facebook friends to the group and get all of your friends to add theirs. If you do not do this the group will still grow due to the keywords that you used in the name, description and tags.

But adding local people your self is really going to help things along. You can also post in your group and then share the group posts in other related groups which will get you lots more local targeted members.

Time To Make The Money

This is the fun part. Now your group is up and running it will snowball on its own after the group becomes a couple of months old and the count of for sales posts in the for sales section hits over 1000 its time to get a monthly income from this group.

Create an image or find one on line that says `You Can Advertise In This Space – Message Me For Details`

Then pin the post to the top of the group. What you are selling here is an advert in your group that gets pinned to the top of the group and also the header image ad space.

You will replace the header image with the advert from your new client for 1 month and also pin a post of their choice to the top of the group.

The bigger and more active the group is the more the ad is worth but a good way to work out the value is the minimum wages in your country per week.

If the minimum wages in your country is 400 Dollars for 1 week then you should be looking to be paid 400 Dollars per month for the advert on your Facebook group.


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