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Increase Website Load Speed Within 5 Minutes and Get Better Search Results

Google pays great attention to user experience when it comes to the traffic that it sends to your website. Google wants your traffic to have a very pleasant experience with your website and find what they are Searching for.

After you have created your high quality content relevant to the keywords that you have targeted you are half way there. The next thing that you need to do is ensure that your website loads quickly. Google will not send people to your website if it takes too long to load, no one wants to wait around while your page loads slowly, Slow loading pages count for a bad user experience and will seriously effect your search position.

How To Increase Load Speed

Before you try to increase your load speed please use this Google tool to check your current load speed. This will give you a bench mark to work from.

There are some very complicated steps that you may take that require great knowledge of programming to achieve. Now I am lazy and I would rather just install a couple of plugins to get this job done.

Image Optimization

Firstly you should install the SMUSH plugin to your wordpress site. Go to install plugins, find the SMUSH plugin simply by searching for the word SMUSH and then install the plugin. What this will do is optimize the size of your images on your site. Ultimately you will be delivering the same images in the same places on your website but the files will be a lot smaller after SMUSH has optimized them. Smaller images mean less to load and faster load times.

Once you have used the Smush plugin please re check the load speed of your website.

Cached Page Copies

Delivering a cached copy of your web pages will also result in a faster load time. You can install a plugin called w3 Total Cache or Auto Optimize. This will automatically cache your web pages and deliver a cache copy of the page to the visitors.

Please install one of the Cache plugins, visit the webpage in the browser in order to set the cache and then retest the load speed with the google tool.

Page Speed Optimization Plugins Performance

After using both of these plugins, if you are on shared hosting you will manage to get your page speed up to about 60 – 80 / 100 on mobile and desktop. Desktop will be faster than mobile. In order to get this speed up to 90 – 100 / 100 you are going to need to upgrade to cloud hosting or a dedicated server.

You should wait until your website is making over 700$ per month before you decide to make this upgrade. This will ensure that the investment that you make is worth while.

Website Speed Importance

As I said at the start of this article, a fast website is essential if you want to get good search traffic. Its not the only concern that you should have but it is very important. To get good search results you need to do everything right.  Not everything i about spending money, just a matter of knowing a few tricks.

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