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Mobile Optimization: How To Do Mobile SEO

Since early 2017, Google have updated their algorithm to change the results of searches depending on what kind of device the search was made from.

This means that if your site does not have a mobile version and someone searches for your keywords in Google from a mobile device or a tablet. Firstly they will be presented with your competitors websites who have got mobile versions. Even though you may be higher than them on searches made from desktop devices and laptops.

So the simple way to do mobile SEO is to have a website that delivers a good quality mobile version of the site to mobile devices.

Since most people now access the internet via mobile it is essential to cater for these devices. Mobile SEO is just a matter of being mobile friendly.

If you have a WordPress site and you’d site is not mobile friendly then you have 2 very good options to fix this problem.

Option 1.

Install the JetPack plugin and turn on the feature that gives your site a mobile version. This will deliver the mobile version of the site to mobile devices and stop your search engine ranking being lowered when searches for from mobile.

Option 2

This may be a bit more of a problem because option 2 is to completely change your WordPress theme to one that is it’s self mobile friendly.

Choose a mobile friendly theme, make a backup of your site and then change the theme.

If the theme does not work with your content or it’s not what you expected, try out different mobile friendly themes until you are happy and if the worst comes to the worst then you can use your backup to reinstate the original version and then try to fix this with the jetpack plugin instead.

The jetpack plugin is very useful and has so many powerful features that I would never have a site without it.


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