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How To Do Keyword Research For SEO – Best Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is 1 of the most part of SEO. If you are completely new to keyword research tools must read this post.

How To Do Keyword Research - Best keyword Research tools

If you intend to get free search engine traffic which is in my opinion the best traffic that you can get, then you firstly need to target keywords based on 3 criteria.

  1. Relevance to your niche
  2. Low competition in search engines
  3. Reasonable volume of searches per month.

Relevance To Your Niche:

The traffic that you generate needs to be targeted traffic so you need to target your keywords. If you are offering free information then the “how to” style keywords are going to be very useful but if you are selling something then the traffic from the “how to” keywords will never convert , this means that you will be generating useless traffic.

You need to target the people who are looking for exactly what you have. If your selling then you need to target the “buy” keywords, buying keywords generate many times more revenue per volume of traffic than other keywords.

Ranking for your chosen keywords may take a lot of time and effort so choose your keywords carefully. Think exactly what they mean. Look at the keywords and try to understand what the person is thinking when they search for the keywords, make sure that your content is very relevant to the search.

Low Competition in Search Engines:

This is also very important,  you need to target keywords that you can actually rank for. There are many things that effect your chances but the best measure of your chance is to do a quoted search.

This means putting your keywords in quotes and searching in Google “like this”, then you simply see how many results are returned. Anything less than 30000 is usually possible to rank high for.

Reasonable Volume Of Searches Per Month:

If you are going to rank in Google then it is essential that you rank for keywords that people are actually looking for.

If you use the Google keywords planner and type in a base keyword, you will then be given hundreds of related keyword suggestions and also monthly search volume data.

You need to target keywords with over 300 searches per month. If you target keywords that will get you 300 plus visitors per month and target multiple keywords with multiple posts and pages on your website you will be putting yourself at a great advantage.

Your not going to rank every keyword that you choose though you are going to rank for a percentage of them, the more keywords you target the more ranking and traffic you will get.

Keyword Research Software:

Doing keyword research manually can be a very time consuming job. There are some great applications out there such as traffic travis, market samurai and many others that use Google keyword Research planner to get search volumes and related keyword ideas and also to filter them down into words that you can rank for. In start always work on low competition keywords.

Effectively giving you a list of target able keywords for you to go through and choose the most relevant ones for you.

KW Finder Best SEO Tool For SEO:

kw finder best seo keyword research tool

If you have some money and want good research then you must try KW Finder. KWFinder is an easy to use and best keyword research tool bringing perfect keyword ideas. Find thousands of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty that your competitors are missing. You can easily rank your keyword after using this keyword research tool.

Final words:

I’ll update this article if you know best keyword research tools. I’m satisfied with these tools so far and that’s the reason i’m recommending it to my readers.


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