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How To Create a Business Website For Free

Creating a website for your business is always a good idea, Here I am going to tell you 3 ways that you can do it completely for free.

Running a premium website is a little more technical than running a free one though it will only cost you about $60 per year. Either way you can start with a free website and this will always be beneficial to you for many reasons.

Free Website Method 1

Here you do not have to pay for anything at all, you will get a free sub domain and free hosting for ever. I have websites on here that have been running for over 7 years completely free and making money every day.

Visit Weebly.comĀ and open a free account. you can open the account using Google or Facebook. You will then be allowed to choose a website theme of your choice and create your website using the easy to use drag and drop editor. This requires no programming skills and simply by playing around for a few hours you will become an expert in no time.

You can setup a website and publish it in only a few minutes, the you just need to keep adding content and pages that promote your business and products.

Here is the Weebly YouTube channel where you can get full free coaching on how to setup your website easily.

Free Website Method 2

By far the most popular content management system online is WordPress and you can get a completely free website there also. It is a little more complicated than weebly but there are so many more features.

This is the best option for most people because you will be learning how to use WordPress platform and that is the same platform that you will be using when you decide to setup your premium website on your own domain. Learning Weebly only benefits you if you only use Weebly, but learning WordPress will benefit you for ever throughout your career online.

You may sign up for a free WordPress website here.

Here is a great youtube channel for learning how to use WordPress.

Free Website Method 3

This option is similar to Weebly. easy to use drag and drop website builder, completely free and easy to learn.

This is called Wix.comĀ 

Here is the associated Wix youtube channel for free tutorials


Ideally you should create your free website with WordPress so that you will be learning how to use the most popular and best website platform in the world. Later on when you decide to go premium you can go to a great hosting company such as and get premium hosting, a premium .com domain name and great support for only about $20 for the first year and about $50 a year after that.


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