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Fastest Way to get a Huge Facebook Group

Over the past 8 month since the beginning of 2017 it has become very hard to grow a Facebook group to any reasonable size in any reasonable amount of time.

There are now so many restrictions on adding that it’s almost impossible to develop a group at any speed. Though if you can get hold of an old established group then you can save a lot of time.

When you look to aquire a Facebook group there are two important considerations to take into account. Obviously tge size of the group is important but the settings are also very important.

Facebook Group Setting:

The groups privacy settings must be public and the custom url must not be set. If you can find a group with the standard url then you can edit it.

So now let’s imagine you have a niche about dogs. Here is how to get the group about dogs. You change the url from standard numbers link to custom url including the keyword dogs.

Then you change the name of the group to include your keyword and also you then just need to add about 10 – 15 posts about dogs to fet the older irellevant posts down the list out the way and there you go.

So where do you find a Facebook group like this? That’s the easy part, simply visit this site to Buy big Facebook groups and take your pick.

Remember to choose one with original numbers url – not custom and also the group must be public. You can then customize your group as you see fit.


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