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7 Essential Free Plugins And Tools For Your Website

Here are my top 7 Essential tools for any website. All tools are free and incredibly useful to an webmaster. If you’re using WordPress then you must need these 7 most powerful plugins to install in your site.

1. Graphics Software

When you are trying to build banners and images for your site you need great image editing software. software that can handle transparent png and layers.  The best free software for this job available at the moment in my opinion is Gimp.

Incredible High End Image Manipulation software and its absolutely free provided by

You may also want to create some fancy text for your images and banners, the easiest way to create amazing text for free is by using the text generator, another amazing free tool.

2. Free Live Chat

If you are selling online or taking bookings then live chat is going to increase your conversions incredibly, with this free live chat system you may install the live chat client on your computer and also on your android telephone or tablet and be online 24 hours a day to help your clients.

LiveZilla is a completely free live chat software for one user, this will increase your website conversions considerably and it is a great addition to your website.

3. Jetpack WordPress Plugin

For me the jetpack wordpress plugin is essential, it has so many features and is free to use. You can set jetpack up to…

  • Track your traffic
  • Auto share your content on social media
  • Create mobile version of site
  • Add share buttons to your content
  • Auto check your spelling and grammar while creating content
  • Optimize your images for load speed increase
  • Show related content after posts

And so much more, the jetpack plugin is incredible and should always be taken advantage of.

4. Backup Guard

Backup Guard is a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to backup your website, store backups on your server, download backups and reinstall backups. It takes a lot of time and effort to create your website and your website is very valuable, backing up is very important and should be done once every day or so.

Here is the link to Backup Guard plugin.

5. Adsense Ads

Its always worth opening a free google adsense account and displaying ads on your site for a little extra income.

Using the ad insert plugin you can set ads to show in your content after a certain paragraph and this will get best click thru results., it will insert the ads into new content and old content on your site automatically.

6. Pricing Tables

If you are selling products or services with multiple options then pricing tables are an incredible way to setup your sales pages. Pricing tables allow you to offer details on the product or service and offer up to 5 versions of the offer one next to the other, all with their own buy now button.

This has greatly increased our conversions under certain circumstances, highly recommended.

7. Image Optimization Plugin

Website load speed is very important and a great way to increase load speed is by reducing the size of your images on page. You can install the Smush plugin

and it will decrease the size of your images but they will still be delivered in clarity. This is a great plugin for increasing website performance.


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