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3 Steps To Improve Your AdSense Revenue

increase adsense revenue

You use Adsense and of course you want to increase revenue. Here i will discus how to Improve Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress or Blog. Increasing conversions on any monetization method should always be your number one priority before extra traffic generation.

Once your site is optimized for conversion on any offers or adsense revenues it’s then time to send more traffic.

Size & Location:

In order to increase your revenues from your adsense, you need to carefully consider ad positioning. The best way that we have found to do this is firstly by adding the adsense code to the header of your site where Google will them automatically and methodically place adverts on your site, monitor the performance of the ads and after testing they will always display ads in the best places to get clicks.

Google basically do all of the testing and adjustments for you. Their system is incredible, though I do firmly believe after my own testing that it is essential to also add 2 of your own custom ad blocks into your content.

Best Position For Ads:

The best position for your own ad blocks is after paragraph 2 or 3 for the first one and after paragraph 6 to 9 for your second one.

Adding adsense adverts within your content is a much more productive way of displaying as apposed to showing in headers, footers or widget area.

Increase Click Rate:

Add displayed within your content will greatly increase your ctr and overall profits, saying that Google also do a great job with there auto optimization. If you have a USA traffic then your click rate automatically increase. Otherwise choose best niche like SEO, Web Hosting or Insurance related.

Address is a great way to earn extra income from your website though you should always try to maximize your profits by selling your own products or services or maybe by promoting relative affiliate offers.

Final Thoughts:

Google are usually going to display ads relative to your content in order to give better user experience, this means that keyword targeting is important as with SEO. You need to make your content keyword targeted so that google have a better idea which ads to display. Article wording is very important.


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