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3 Simple Step by Step Guide To Do SEO

We have created many websites and got many great search results using our own SEO techniques. Now I obviously have not been on the phone to Google and been told any of this, it’s just my opinion. So here is my take on SEO in 2017.

Keyword Research:

you need to find keyword before starting to write a post. Best way to find keyword with Google Keyword Planner . SEO used to be all about back links and keywords, now it’s not. Keywords are important still but the back links are not so important.

The first thing to understand is that Google have great insight into the way people use your site because most people use Google browsers. So Google know how long people wore on your site For, how many pages they looked at and from this they get an idea over time of how good your content is.

User Friendly Content:

People do not look at bad content for too long, though they will spend time looking at good content. Write content for people, not search engines. So the first thing that Google looks at after the targeted keywords is the amount of time people spend on your site.

You need to send traffic to your site from other sources before Google ever indexed or ranks You, so that they can see how good your content is.

The second thing that they look at after keywords is social networks, people love to share great content on social media, Google are very interested in how much social media coverage you get.

Website Speed:

In future Google prefer those website which website speed is well. People easily load your website. The last point I want to make is about page load speed and mobile compatibility.  Your load speed needs to be up to scratch, you can check this using the Google insights page speed check. Making your site mobile friendly can be done by checking this post about mobile seo.

Final Words:

I hope this post is very helpful for everyone who read it. If i missed some important SEO strategies you may tell me in comment. Start keyword research before writing your next post.


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